H qо шаблоны в восточном стиле

Photos: 100 moments from the Iraq WarAn Iraqi soldier stands watch at a teahouse while on patrol with U.S. soldiers in Baghdad on February 23, 2005. Photos: 100 moments from the Iraq WarPresident Bush shakes hands with former Sen. Klingon language is called «klingonaase». It is often used as «battle language», also called «clipped Klingon», which omits all but essential verbs, noun and adjectives to save time. It is suitable for giving instructions but not explanations. Note: The Miao areas of Sichuan province became part of the newly created Chongqing Municipality in 1997. Most Miao currently live in China. Jessica Lynch off a helicopter on April 1, 2003, at an undisclosed location in Iraq.

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