Zabbix шаблон cisco скачать

Your trigger values may vary 2016-03-26 Alfonso Gazo Vendor Model Notes Updated Author Eaton Powerware 9130 Basic monitoring template. No graphs / triggers. 2013-04-23 Marc G Fournier Generic UPC vendor Network UPS Tools NUT monitoring template with items description, graphs, triggers. There is also more control over how OK events are generated. This objects is generated only ifDESC line: ‘ccmeNotificationEnable’ object is ‘true’.DESC line: Variables:DESC line: 1: ccmeEphoneTrapReasonDESC line: A ccmeKeyEphoneRegChangeNotif notification is generatedDESC line: if there is a change in the registration status of KeyDESC line: IP phone. The aim of this new feature is to simplify user navigation across vast amounts of monitored devices and services Zabbix can handle.

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